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Whats the best knex box to make weapons like guns and swords out of? Answered

I have been looking for knex but most are too small or too big i need a box or tub that can make medium to large sized weapons like guns and swords any ideas :-)?


I wouldn’t get a box. I would go onto EBay and buy a lot there. Boxes you can get at let’s say Wal-Mart nowadays are all mini knex and bricks.

I won't deny that ebay has more,but do you really want to wait like 2 weeks for it so what if you can get 150 yellows for four bucks


9 years ago

He's right. I heard a guy got 18 regular pieces in the red tub. K'nex doesn't even know our purposes and it is the most popular for the toys. I think they hate us.

 No we hate them

NOWADAYS thats true. i bought a tub 4 years ago with 500 pieces.

Yes, you're right. K'NEX is like any other business, changing their product to fit their consumers. We aren't considered in that process though.

knex fails bad cause they are making new sets already and getting rid of like the rid buckets.

the red bucket had like 18 big peices in it but the new ones that will come out in 2010 will have NO big peices.

say bye to Wal-Mart and hello to Ebay.

And arent small mini knex and mini knex bricks choking hazards for kids and toddlers?And they say its a kids toy :D

go to toyr r us they have the 400 peice bucket of big peices for like 35 bucks

better deal on ebay: 150 yellow connectors for like 4$

Yeah i agree with both of you,thanks for replying guys :D!