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Whats the best knex gun on INSTRUCTABLES Answered



Not yours.

Wow, I posted the same comment, and then I saw yours.  Great minds think alike.....

calm down stressy i was asking every1 wht instructable gun was the best but i never heard of one thats called "Not yours." what type is it a sniper, assult rifle or pistol and by the way you guns break as soon as you use them because i have made all of your guns to see how good they are and there not as good as you say they are so i have no clue what "Not yours." is please tell me and mi modded uzi is so much better than your guns are

When I say "not yours", I mean "your guns are not the best". This is too subjective, there is no "best gun" overall.


8 years ago

TR 18.

I would say The BRV1 by Killerk Or the DD-27 by DSman

Are you kidding me????? The BRV1 isn't that good. I'd say either, the SR-V1, H.A.W.C., Knex Heavy cannon, or A.D.U.

brv1 isnt good? are you kidding me? do you even have one?

One my friends made one and I tried it out and it wasn't any better than the NB-4 pistol by Viccie.

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!! I HAVE TO BULD THE NB 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!
IT MUST BE AMAZINING!!!!!!! IF IT SHOOTS 290FT!!!!!!! (if its better then the TR)

what are you talking about, mine works perfectly

Everyone else disagrees with you. It was the preferred weapon at pandemonium.

Who cares? I personally think it takes way to long to reload.

Not really. If you practice, you can load it pretty fast. All it is is wind up turret, then insert ammo.

the SR-v1 is old stuff now. ADU is too framey, and the IAC cannons are better.

the brv1 is a awesome gun i havent made it but i dont think it gets as far and killer himself say's it does


8 years ago

Z35. Definitely the Z35.

i would say that its up 2 you because some like comefy some like big or small etc so you cant say that theres the best gun

lol thats like being the coolest guy at shanangan's or the tallest oompalumpa

i would say knex heavy cannon by iac or morriti by the burrtio master or if you looking for low parts high power go for the periea by the burrtio master