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Whats the best knex shotbow? Answered

I wanna make a shotbow but whats the best

try an avoid broken parts

I dont want it to piece hogging but i dont mind if its good

Not to hard to bild

please help megametal8


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Best Answer 8 years ago

By far the best one is Sargent Gumdrops, but there aren't really any instructions for it.  SK's oodammo shotbow is a good alternative if you cant build Gumdrops.

 Actually, kNeXfreek's Pistol shotbow would probably be the best, its easy to make, dual triggers (1 pull=2shots) and Insane Crazy, Crazy Insane power. its also a pistol, meaning its very small.

Sgt Gumdrops does the exact same thing except it's more comfortable and you can pull a string to move both of the mag pushers out of the way without taking them out of the mag, speeding up reload times.

 I've seen a video of gumdrops one. It seems pretty big, but I am always in favour of kevin. even when I'm wrong.

It's not really that big.  It's around the same size as the original shotbow. 

s0lekill3r is a former knexer who retired some time ago.

where can I find a picture of this gumdrop thing?

Go ask Mepain for some pics.  He also has a video of it on his Youtube channel.


6 years ago

I would recommend the Chemikers.

My tactical shotbow does not use cut parts, and does not use that many parts overall, and performs very well.

I think the comment reqesting it evaporated, I might have to resubmid it.  Some of my comments dissapear, it is really annoying.