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Whats the best place for a beehive? Answered

Hi all,

Question is, where is the best place to put a beehive in my backgarden.

The layout is simple:
Backof my house is 5.5Meters wide and to the back of the garden its 12Meters long.
I have a small shed in the back of the garden and behind that are the parkingspaces for cars.
The parkinglot is about 20Meters in deep towards the next garden en the width is about 60meters.
There are no trees pressent, only some low bushes and a lot of flower patches all over the place.

Can somebody enlighten me with some info on this subject?
I want to make my own honey in the near future, i had some lessons about keeping bees a long long time ago and never did anything with it.
So now i've got a house with a nice little garden and i thought, HEY, why not ;-)



This link has some good information and advice for the beginner beekeeper on what to do (and what not to do); and discusses everything from getting the bees and queen to deciding on the appropriate beehive frame construction and the various styles. The author includes information on essential equipment you need to start, but I would add that you should check the city where you live for any laws that prohibit beekeeping in residential areas. With the increasing interest in beekeeping, there are more cities forbidding the practice unless in a rural area or on farm lands. If you find that you are allowed to go ahead, then I would place your hive in an area that's the least disturbed by people, so definitely away from the parking area, and away from your house. Since bees can travel a fair distance, there's no need to place the hive in direct proximity to your garden, but they should be allowed to co-exist with the least amount of disruption.


6 years ago

Your profile doesn't say where you live, not even what country you are from. In many places something like a bee hive might be regulated. If you are in a suburban area you might need to get a permit and they may have regulations as to where you can put a hive. Since some people are extremely allergic to bee stings there could be a liability issue so you also need to check with your insurance company. Bee's are considered to be a form of livestock and for that reason are regulated. On the other hand, if there is a community garden in your area they might welcome a hive there. It's not in your back yard but it is where the bee's can do the most good and pose less of a hazard to them and to people. Bee's will travel miles to find good sources of nectar so if there is a high traffic area in between them and the nectar a lot of them are going to be on windshields and car grills.

Try and get an established bee keeper to come and assess your site. As a generality your going to want to keep them away from people 5.5. x 12 isn't all that big.

If you have trees you can site the hive between trees so the bees go up as soon as they come out and so avoid contact with people locally.

Get in contact with your local beekeeping supplier and find out if there are any groups or clubs around. They can help you get the supplies you need and teach you what you need to know about beekeeping.