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Whats the best possible airsoft gun for 100 dollars? Answered

Never really played before. But i might play with some pretty good people. I think i want an AEG.

are these any good?




4 years ago

Cyma CM028. Best gun 100.00 can buy. A full metal version can be bought for 107.00

Homemade air rifle

While the airsoft gun's you picked would work, I would suggest getting something as modular and repairable as possible. DON'T go to a sporting goods store. It may seem like a tempting option, but a website will provide a much higher quality gun for a much more affordable price.

Good Luck!

i have an r76 and its amazing. you can get it from walmart for 99 dollars. its 375 fps and is an ak74. it looks cool and is a great price.

Haha thats really funny I JUST brought that gun but I havent got it yet do you know the range??

Go to the Army store.

i have a picture of one hundred dollar airsoft gun It is name is BLACKHAWK 5 it is a best air soft gun of all It has a controler it is buy in website www.world.guns.ru/smg/smg70-e.htm


 the two listed are good for a tight budget but i suggest you go to a sporting goods store like Dicks,sports authority, academy,  and so forth you probably do not want a auto pistol just because the airsoft pellets get stuck and jammed but rifles and pistols are great in airsoft battles especially rifles because you can hide and hit people from a good distance