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What's the best unique bracelet, that's not tooo crazy? Answered

I'd like to make a unique, stylish, bracelet out of... well, anything. I need ideas. Oh, and nothing way to crazy or wide. Male/unisex. Ideas?


My wife made one out of s-hooks side-by-side, lashed together with copper wire. It looks pretty sweet!

Back in high school I knew a girl that made a unique bracelet out of a plastic fork. Maybe something like that could work.

Basically she boiled it to make it soft and then bent it around something to make it round. After that it was a cool (but not very durable) bracelet.

My only advise to add to this would be:
1. Be careful and don't burn yourself.
(find something about the size of your arm to wrap the soft plastic around, not your arm)

2. If you boil it too long, it will get very soft and might make a mess.
(But done on purpose could be pretty awesome too. Might get a nice stretchy/deformed bracelet for style)

 hemp, paracord, flourecent nylon, ect

Hemp Bracelets! Look em up in the search bar. Fun To make and You can rock em with anything.


8 years ago

one of the coolest ones ive seen was a poptop bracelet. The poptops were woven together with threads on the bracelet edges.. it was awesome.