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What's the best way of protecting a large vinyl banner? Answered

I have a very large banner which is a photo printed onto a thick plastic (vinyl??). It is autographed so I would like to preserve the banner and the signature. Is there any product I can use to help protect the surface and stop it from fading? I've e-mailed Krylon but apparently none of their products




9 years ago

I agree that if you're storing it indoors then it shouldn't be a problem. If it's that terribly important to you, you could make a shadow box for it to display.

since vinyl is unsed in car seats and dashes and such I would maybe look for a car detailing product that help protect from UV rays and will help it looking new and fresh.

These things are usually printed with UV stable inks, as far as that is possible. Keep it out of direct sunlight and it'll last well. Steve