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What's the best way to attach nails to each other? Answered

I have a bunch of cut masonry nails and I would like to make a mask out of them. Here's the catch: The design I have in mind requires that they're only attached in the head area (Ex. VVVVV), because I need there to be gaps in between the nails; this also requires that I don't just glue them onto a regular plastic mask. I have some ideas about using hot glue, JB Weld, and solder/welding, but I any advice from people that have any experience in the matter would be appreciated.




Best Answer 4 years ago

Do you have something like a form that you're gonna mold it off of or do it freehand putting them together? I'd use a magnet on the back of an existing mask (an old damp paper or wood mask that you don't need) and spot weld or solder the nails together. I agree with everyone who says you should avoid welding zinc plated /dipped/galvanized nails. A friend of mine welded conduit, which is galvanized, and got sick. Soldering might be ok because it isn't as hot as welding, but I can't say that for experience!

Magnets some people say it is attractive.

Believe it or not since it is a mask silicone.

Silicone is safer for your face it will flex before it cuts you.


I have heliarc welded nails with cover gas and must have de-galvanized without knowing :-)

Ignorant question: do you have to do something to un-galvanize them before welding?

on such a small item i would say no - BUT avoid the fumes given off.

If you want to remove the galvanising soak them in some acid.

Thanks guys. I knew I had read something about it in the past.

Common cut nails aren't galvanized, but if you decide to glue them in any manner, you will need to thoroughly degrease them. A degreasing solvent or a strong laundry detergent solution will work.

Welding or JB Weld if they don't see a lot of force.