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What's the best way to boost the wi-fi signal coming from my wireless route? Answered

My wireless router is in my basement and I have an iPod touch and an xbox 360 that I would like to get a better signal for.


Try either the 10db corner or 12db parabolic antennas from freeantennas.com. They're easy. Scale as desired and print onto heavy paper, glue aluminum foil to the back side, cut the parts out and use a modeling knife to cut the slots, assemble and attach to the antenna on your router. Antenna gain works for TX as well as RX. Works to limit off-premises reception of your wifi signal, too. I use this to direct my wifi signal upward from my basement, away from the street side of my house and more toward the back yard.

Routers can be overclocked but I think it is kinda hard and probably illegal.

faster internet and an extension on your antennas. you may have to remove some resistor.


9 years ago

Assuming you have broadband, I don't know of any installer that would choose the basement as a prime location for a modem. In any case, getting any sort of wireless signal to coexist in both the basement and the rest of the house is impossible without additional hardware. If you have a router with more than one antenna, it may be as easy as extending one of them via a pigtail... though that would have to be a very long pigtail. Ethernet cable would be your cheapest and best solution, but only viable if you have tools to do so; and even then, you might not want holes in the walls. Ethernet over power line is costly and usually requires that both units be connected on the same circuit, which probably isn't the case for your basement and first floor. Though, if it is, the installation is painless and clean(no holes).