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What's the best way to clean an entire olefin area rug? Answered

I have an 8 by 5 olefin area rug that needs a thorough cleaning.  It has gotten a fare bit of grime in it but i don't think any stains would be permanent.  The finished product need not be perfect.  The solution need be simple enough to warrant the hassle!



9 years ago

Go to your favorite home improvement store, department store, or grocery and rent a Rug Doctor. You'll have it for much longer than you need it for just a 5x8 rug, but you can clean every rug and carpet you have, plus your upholstery (if you also rent the upholstery tool).


Answer 9 years ago

If you need more than a simple spray-and-vacuum carpet cleaning, one of the rental "steam cleaning" machines is definitely worthwhile and certainly simple. The hassle is just hauling it home and then hauling it back to the store.

Note: If you ever have a serious pet-stain problem, it *is* possible to use one of the odor-destroying enzyme mixtures in one of these machines. I had to do so in my last apartment to remove lingering traces of a previous occupant's toy puddle (sic).