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Whats the best way to cover a chain fence without using vines or other plants?? Answered

I live in a rural urban neighboorhood on the side of a mountain in rich country. I was just wondering whats the best way to cover a chain fence without the use of plants. I'm going to be using the backyard a lot in the future for a dirt track and I would like peace of mind when I do so. I come home from work late afternoon/early night time and let me be the first to tell you, it is pitch black by my house. There have been some pretty creepy stories in my area so I would just like to ease my mind alitlle by covering the chain fence for both myself and the privacy of my kids. (My aunt said she see's people wondering near our property and is afraid they will loot us or something, she's in her 70's and is staying with us while shes on vacation here with her kids) and just to stop the constant complaining of peepers we just settled on covering the fence with maybe some material from homedepot. We were thinking of maybe using some sort of sheet to cover in the meantime they're staying. But we just don't know where to get the proper material. Any suggestions are welcomed, thanks.


I was going to suggest the slats as well, they should be available at any hardware store. I think you should also consider some flood lights to light the perimeter. They can be setup to come on when it's dark, at certain times, or with motion detection. People doing creepy and/or illegal things rarely want to be seen so good lighting is must in any security setup.

Do you want to hid it so you can't see it?

Hid it so no one can see through?

make it entry proof?

I just want to make it where you can't see anything through it, I'm not conerned with secrurity just because we have an outer electrical fence and other precautions in place

Humans are fairly resistant to electric fences, or can find a way round them. Unless the voltage is VERY HIGH!

For preventative fencing your better off with razor wire or barbed wire.

Your security is only as good as it's weakest link - Usually the opening where you enter and leave.

Cool, free electricity. I wonder how much you could drain off with out them noticing. Maybe run your AC off of it. I can see it now, camper trailers parked around secure facilities with high voltage fences. Everybody has their clamp and shielded cable running to their power inverters. You only need one line, the other goes to ground. Poor ants would have a problem. It would take them 5 or 10 years to pass the laws to make it illegal, and even then they may not be able to even do that in the end since technically they are giving away the power for free by pouring it into a fence that is available to anyone. They would have to pass a law that makes it illegal to touch an electrified fence. Just the thought of that is pretty funny.

You could get some of those cheap LED string lights and string them up all over in the surrounding woods, all lite up compliments of the security fence.

I can see you have FAR too much imagination!! :-)

Next thing will be a big coil of wire wrapped around the roof of your house to syphon off the free electricity the broadcast companies send out!

You can weave slats through them. I've seen that done in San Francisco but not in the UK.


Those, that's what we were thinking of but could never think what they were called. Do you know where we could purchase them?

They're just called "fence slats". You should be able to find them at most big hardware stores (that sell chain link fencing).

That's what I would use.

How about using house wrap - Tyvek cut into narrow strips.

I'd've thought that loading slats into chainlink would load the fence in ways it wasn't intended, and you'd need to add more bracing to the posts.

I cut strips of cedar thin and slid that down the the wire.

Be aware the a fence you can't see thru does not make it more secure.  Infact it does just the opposite.  It provides cover for someone to hide behind and neighbors etc. can't see them.


6 years ago

A friend of mine puts up chain link fences and they use slats to make them private. They work really good, come in a variety of materials and colors and you can even make your own distinctive patterns with them. Google "slats for chain link fences" and you will find all kinds of things. Here is one example.

You can probably even make your own if you can find a suitable material. A vinyl or plastic material that has some flex to it that you can cut to size would work. 

Keep in mind that anything like this will cause your fence to catch the wind so you need to make sure it can withstand the stress or it might blow over.

This type of fence panels might help.