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What's the best way to cure fresh cut bamboo? Answered

My dad has a bamboo thicket that's overtaking his yard and he is begging me to come take some. The only problem is, I'm unsure how to properly dry it out without it cracking/checking. Any help would be awesome.




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You do it the same way as would be done with any cut lumber that is air dried.
In a place where it cannot get wet or rained on, spread it out on stickers so that air can circulate around it with as few restrictions as possible. Depending upon the climate in your area, it could take months to completely dry.

When I cut bamboo, I leave the branches and leaves on. I then stand the bamboo up. When the leaves are dry, the poles will be dry enough to use. (I am using bamboo poles to build a roof for my chicken pen.) People who have bamboo on their property are generally happy to have someone cut some and take it away.

We are expecting our first great grandchild in July. My husband and a friend want to try to make a crib for the baby using bamboo. They cut some yesterday and now want to know the best way to cure it and then build the crib. I read fire drying using a torch was about the best method. Any advise or help on this would be much appreciated.

thanks for the info will try them all.Will leave results neal.

my wife picked up some cut bamboo road side,its splitting its laminating and it got an itchy dust all over . help neal

I have made several bamboo flutes and found the best way to cure the bamboo is by a process called burning. Simply a propane torch. Burn all of the green surface and then polish the cane. Bamboo as a natural resin or varnish when polished, it leaves a beautiful finish.

there are several ways to dry it one you can sand the pole and use a clear sealer , two soak it in salt water for 90 day then sun dry , 3 cut it in shorter links and bake it in the oven at 225 for 4 hrs. . the only problem with bamboo is that some of the shoots will crack and split . you can also seal it with liquid glass or Thompson water seal .
there are a couple of sealer that will dry it during the drying process

I could be wrong but I don't thing there is any problem with drying bamboo. Since it's hollow inside there aren't the usual stress problems associated with drying wood. When I was younger there was a cane grove near the fishin pond and we just cut a new pole at the start of summer and it lasted till it got too cold to fish. Didn't do any drying just started using it green and it dried as it could.

Out of interest, how's the big stuff turned into flat boards for flooring ? Do you know ?

At a guess, they steam and unroll it, then bond it like making a tabletop using narrower planks.

Beats me, but Sean's answer sounds doable.

I also just realized that they may simply veneer it

after seeing some videos of workers manipulating bamboo, i think they also chop it into sections and with a small machete, they slice it into thin strips. Its almost like peeling cheese, except its made of bamboo.