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What's the best way to fold a burrito? Answered

I mean, I already KNOW the answer. It's the side-bottom-side fold. I guess the question is WHY is it better than the bottom-side-side fold? Can someone give me a scientific explanation?


Around here, both sides come up together, then the bottom is folded over, and the whole thing is essentially rolled up to make a tighter roll without the fillings falling out.  When rolling, you have to push the ingredients together a bit.  It takes a bit of practice and a little dexterity, but it makes for a nice tight burrito.  This what they do at Freebird's and Chipotle, and you can see them do it at the counter.  Here's a video showing how to do it.  You can skip to 2:20.  I don't think he applied enough pressure when rolling the burrito, but that's basically it.  The tortilla needs to be warm (microwave for 10-12 seconds), and it can't be overstuffed.  Overstuffing is usually where I go wrong, so I add less than what I think I should.

I think our terminology is mixed up. I watched the video that you linked, and from your description, that's exactly opposite of what I expected.

Do me a favor. Next time you fold a burrito try folding, by your nomenclature, the bottom first (longer, axial dimension), then the sides (shorter dimensions/end-flaps), then the top last.

I'm convinced this makes a better burrito. I think it's because having the longer flap on the inside before folding over the end flap takes more pressure off the smaller end flap which could otherwise lead to premature-burrito-failure. :)

Because shortly after the world was created, Flatulus (the god of spicy food) sent his prophet Beano to deliver his message of the One True Fold. Prior to Beano's arrival, the unworthy humans of Earth had been folding their burritos willy-nilly, or even worse, using the the heretical side-side-bottom-top fold.
There was initially some resistance to the message by the diehard Side-Folders (as they called themselves), and Beano's very life was threatened on more than one occasion. It was a dark time for the followers of the One True Fold.
Eventually, Flatulus became greatly angered, and he smote the Side-Folders with a mighty wind, which caused them to see the error of their ways. The Side-Folders repented and formed the Society of the Azure Flame, which has remained in existence to this very day, faithfully spreading the word about the One True Fold, and operating an extremely successful fleet of takeout burrito trucks.

I think the  "scientific explanation" Is that this leaves you with at least one of the sides tucked in, so the burrito is a bit less likely to open up and dump its filling in your lap. Presuming you don't hold it upside down.

Could tuck in both ends, but since you're going to bite one of them off anyway...