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What's the best way to get a girl to like me? Answered


that is the girl......? (I'm 12)


There is this one girl that likes another guy and they're are some rumors spreading that she's saying bad things about me and I really like her and I want her to be my girlfriend but how do I get her to like me?

 Like others have said -- be yourself. To make it real for you, let me tell you that I've gotten the girl by playing up to her. I was acting like the person I thought she'd like. It worked, for about sixth months, and it was wrong. Ultimately you won't be happy unless you are with someone who loves you, and not only that, inspires you to be a better you, who helps you to grow into who you want to be.

As to how to get some girl to like you, keep pushing yourself beyond your limits. Go outside of your comfort zone, keep taking chances, and put yourself out there more than you even think you can. Trust me, you will find someone, and they will find you, and you will both not believe how lucky you are. Just keep at it.

yeah great advise ....when i was younger i tried all the nonsense ,aftershave, clothes ,hairdo,car, bieng cool and what ever else an it was just all a big pain in the butt, then i deceided to hell with em all im just go be an do what i like to be and do...... AND THEN I MET SUSAN.........i didnt and still dont have to do anything at all. its like we ve known each other for a million years (was from the very first time we met) its absolutly amazing and i am surely the most lucky man in the world. so all you gotta do is go places were girls are and one day SHE will be there too.

Make alot of money. But it would be a very bad relationship.

do not be a poser just be who you are if you are nervous tell her you are just do not get to personal on the first date

DONT give her flowers or any GIFTS until you are sure she REALLY likes you a LOT. any gift too soon will scare her away... ive seen it happen many times. After you are sure she really likes you a lot... I would still be really carefull about giving her any gifts like flowers, perfume, etc. Women are really strange.. after you figure them out, please write a book so the rest of us guys can know too.

Unless yourself is rude, crude, and socially unacceptable -- in which case you'd best learn to be someone else.


8 years ago

be confident, and funny but not a clown.