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What's the best way to get rid of asian ladybugs that get into the house? Answered

hey guys, it's late fall in my area. ladybugs are starting to come into the house for warmth. I know that they are beneficial, but the house is off limits. I'm thinking of making some kind of trap, but not sure what to use as bait. Thank you for your help


They might be attracted to a light in the early evening even just for the warmth.  Then you can get them and do what you will with them.

They don't eat anything you're likely to provide, unless you have a supply of aphids or other small plant parasite bugs. They're just looking for shelter.

I suppose you could try offering them a gently heated enclosure and see if that interests them. But I suspect they're looking for something that will settle just above freezing -- warm enough not to damage them, cold enough to slow their metabolism so they survive the winter. Look at where they're settling now, and try to construct something similar but more so...

The recommendations I've seen are either to just scoop 'em up and chuck 'em outside again, or to go after them with a vacuum cleaner.