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What's the best way to handle a local gang of punks? Answered

My neighborhood has a local bunch of kids who come around riding bikes, and taunting our dogs. they also swear loudly (like, hearing the "f" word from 50 yards away, shouted by an 8 year old.) and i would really like to find a nice, non-violent way to keep these kids from riding their bikes in the field by my house. does anyone have any ideas that won't get me arrested or egged?


ha. those kids sound cool.

Another thing you could try is playing the least cool music you can find at the highest volume you can manage, continuously all the time they are there. I'm sure you can find something the kids can't stand listening to and they'll find somewhere else to hang out. Unfortunately this only works if you can do it without being more of a nuisance to your neighbours than the kids are and you have an offensively loud sound system.

Anything by Norah Jones will work magnificently.

As a matter of fact, I Do have an offensively loud sound system, but unfortunately, were i to play dreadful music, it's safe to assume that I would have to listen to it as well...

Sprinkler system. Fertilizer (horse manure) stinky near shrubs where they walk.  High pitched oscillator only TEENS can hear.  search instructables for how to make an audio oscillator that puts out a high pitched tone.  Oldsters cant hear it, but their young ears CAN.  Some of these tactics are also used at most major shopping malls to keep teens from congregating at the entry doors.


Stink scent and fake video cameras with little blinking red lights. Classical music played from hidden speakers may do it as well. I always thought Glade should produce a fart smell just for these occasions.

I've had a similar problem for the past 10 years, because my house is in the path of elementary school kids who I swear are some of the rudest children I have EVER heard.

They will fight in my yard, tear stuff up, try to catch my cats, steal things, key the car, and be otherwise just plain idiotic and annoying. I got called the C-word by a third grader, can you believe it?!

The problem with these kids is that they grow up to become teenage punks and gangsta types, occasionally walking round with weapons, and almost certainly headed for first your car stereo and then the pawn shop. Later your home stereo and then the pawn shop.

Unfortunately the best way I have found to handle it is to be out there and try to be friendly with them, because that buys you a bit of loyalty and makes them less likely to choose you as a target. Also, it's massively uncool for an adult to hang out with them so they will go hang around somewhere else. If you are not an adult, try to get an adult to make this investment of time (see above tip re: stereo/pawn shop connection if you need leverage).

No, I'm not a pacifist. In fact I think it would be doing society at large a huge favor if I'd pick them off one by one from my balcony, but since that would land me in jail where there are much ruder people, this is what I've tried, and it seems to work.

beat the f***ing **** out of them
wait, no violence....

call the cops, maybe record what they are doing on video, so that you have evidence

are they pot smokers?

Have you seen Gran Torino? Oh wait. non-violent... Hmm....


9 years ago

Tranquilizer; it has 'tranquil' right in the name!

Nice. however, I think my sister and her friends are just going to sit on the ramps, and tell the kids that they have claimed them. she is a senior in highschool, so it's intimidating enough for a bunch of little punks to not bother them, and since none of the kids own the field anyway, they can't honestly pitch too big of a fit.

just click in the search box and type in "Prank" or "Booby trap"

Looking back ,at one point I was one of those kids on my bmx . No one believes this when I tell it now. I'm not sure the out come of my advice a 100% but If I would want to do something about this situation my only way to do it is to become their friend by earning their trust. Get creative. At 8 years old something like bottles of some ice tea can make them feel like someone cares. A magezine about bycicles or a pump to fill up the air in the tires would make them happy.If they ask whats up with the gifts make it seam like no big deal tel them they seam cool and you just had extra off what ever.Find out their names their interests. Dont take their anger personal. Stay cool and calm suprise them with kindness from a stranger. Show them something they would be interest in. You might make friends for life. I remember the adults that were nice to me ,even when I looked dirty and poor and good for nothing.The people that made me think that inside I have something special. They taught me how to act nice back with them.It took time but to this day I appreciate it.

Honestly, I have already tried being personable, but unfortunately, i am the one with the wholes in my pants, and dirt on my knees, these kids are flashing their iphones, and generally being spoiled jerks, so i am trying to find a way to get them to stop hanging around a mocking me and mine.


9 years ago

My Mom ran right outside once and out "f-bombed" them-at the time, the kids were doing it to try to shock adults-now I think it is much more just part of their vernacular....but she got out there and started right in with "how bout I effin' come to your 'effin house, and effin' talk like this in front of your effin' parents, you effin' little efs!!" The kids never did it again in front of her-oh sure, they'd say it way out of range to try to save face and get a rise out of her, but she had pretty much peed on the corner that day. Me, I'd take the Bronson approach personally-but that's me-I've got probably 175 pounds on the average loudmouth punk teen, more on an 8 year old-they'd probably go fetal and wet themselves. Wise solution? No, but I'd feel better til the summons came.

Mind you me, it's tempting to just punk these kids, they are really rude. i will definitely discuss a swear-back from my mum.