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What's the best way to mount wood boards to a wall (for shelves), maintaining low visibility and high strength? Answered

I was thinking about making a custom shelf for all of my DVD/video game cases. I have very little space in my room and would like to make use of my walls. I'm going to measure everything and build the actual shelf myself using wood boards (sanded, cut, etc.). The only problem I have is mounting it to my wall. What I'm wondering is what is the best way to mount the "shelf" to the wall in the least visible way possible, while still maintaining very high strength (so that the shelf doesn't fall down)? The shelf is going to be pretty bland: no funny cuts or weird shapes, so finding a way to mount it shouldn't be a problem.



Best Answer 10 years ago

Find some "L" brackets and some screws (available from any hardware store). Make sure that you screw the brackets into studs in the wall. You can find where studs are by knocking on the wall or by using a electronic stud detector. If you screw the brackets in so they screw into the top of your shelve and go up from there, they will be hidden by the contents of the shelf.


9 years ago

just make a cabinet without a back or front (like an "8") and screw that to the wall with some tiny L brackets


10 years ago

cables from the ceiling are thin and very strong 2 parallel vertical plates (same as the shelfs themselfes) with the shelfs mounted between them are strong and look ok any support from below that extends at least to 1/2 of the shelf width. one at any point in the shelf length is enough for short shelf. mount the shelf to the wall (in the end that meets the wall) strong enough if the support is off center (there will be quite much force to pull out the mounting closer to the support) if used at the ends the support can be from above too. itll also keep stuff from falling from the sides but i think wont look great