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What's the best way to move a toilet that is installed on a cement slab foundation? ? Answered

I've remodeled my basement.  There is an existing toilet installed on the cement slab foundation in an awkward location along the wall and I would like to move it.  I only need it to move about 12" along the wall.

  The 2 options I'm considering are (1) cut into the cement and extend the pipes with appropriate angle for drainage yada-yada-yada, or (2) raise the toilet and run the pipes below the platform but above the slab.  Just as a note here, there's no way I'm going to just have the toilet be raised like a throne by itself :-)  The bathroom is small so raising the whole floor isn't out of the question, 

My question is at least 2 fold.  Is there a better way to do this without sacrificing the aesthetic of my new space?  If these are my best options can anyone provide some details around the best way to move it in the slab?




8 years ago

If you're just moving it 12" or so then have the plumber or you chip out the slab, change the plumbing then patch the floor.

If you raise the floor then you have to raise EVERYTHING.  Door, sink, tub, toilet, towel/paper holder.  Then put down a new floor covering and trim on the walls.  It'll always look like a bad remodel.

I design custom homes and remodelings as a business and would not even consider raising the floor except in the most dire consequences.


Answer 8 years ago

I thought that would be the best way - chip out the floor.  It really is a short distance.  Just wanted to see if there were any ideas I wasn't thinking of.  Thanks for the reply!