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What's the best way to repurpose an old computer (from like 9 years ago)? Answered

Hey, I've got a couple of old computers and I'm trying to think of a new, unique, fun way to repurpose them and give them new life. Please try to help with new ideas and not any that you've seen from this site, or others because I'm pretty sure I've already seen them.

The screens are not LCD flats, they are the box-shaped-kind.

Is there any way to turn an old, box-shaped computer monitor into a tv screen?


A home media server for a home network,
A hardware firewall for your reg computer
A door stop
gut it turn into fishtank

well, as my friend yelled at me after i gutted a old win 95 computer and sold all the bits on ebay to make a handsome profit of $185, i could have sold it as an antique, you see nobody keeps those old computers if they no longer function, and so what happens is they sit in a dark damp location for about 5 years, then they explode the next time you use it, so if yours still works, hold on to it for a while, perhaps give it anothe rpurpose as said above, then sell it for alot of money as a antique.
this same friend i might add did this with an old computer that came with windows 95, he continued to use it some how by firewiring it to another computer to play multiplayer games across the house with his brothers, though i dont think it was firewireing, the point is he used it for a few years, then sold it as a functioning antique newly referbished , as he cleaned it inside and out prior to selling, and he got $1700 , i never really understood though until now when i began seeing stuff like that being dragged from rubbish piles into glass cabinets and begun to be called rare items and antiques.

You're asking members on this site to suggest ideas that aren't on this site....?

Why not? He should be able to find anything on this site by his self. That only leaves new ideas and ideas that have been posted on other sites.

I turned my old PC into an FTP server, and used it to set up a VPN. My router doesn't support it, but if you set it up with wake-on-lan too it's even better.

+1 for everyone.

To turn the monitor into a TV screen, you need an HDMI to VGA adapter (for hi def) or composite to VGA adapter(for normal-def.) If you don't have a set-top box, you also need a TV tuner.

These can be found at Radioshack, Best Buy, etc.

A version of Mac-o-lanterns?


7 years ago

What I would and have done in the past, is clean them up a bit, install a new Linux OS (Xubuntu is a good one) and donate them to a charity or an individual who can put them to good use. Goodwill, Salvation Army, etc. would be happy to get good serviceable computers and monitors.