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What's the best way to store pedal & solar power into a battery bank? Answered

I'm looking to power some blenders & other small devices with a battery bank & I want to store power in these batteries from pedaling bicycles & possibly solar power. Just need a little help on all of the essentials and how much power I will be able to garner through a system like this. Thanks!


I use a charge controller from my array to charge a 100 amp hour gel sealed deep cycle battery. If you are going to be keeping the battery in the house or an area thats not well ventilated Id go with either gel sealed or sealed agm battery. Started with a 100 A/H battery if you can afford it. $200ish or smaller if not and see if that will handle your needs. You can always add more batteries to increase the capacity.

well you should do some experimentation first with a multimeter and record what kind of voltage and current your bike/panel is producing. Then do some research on Trickle Chargers. These devices are made specifically for things like panels and they regulate the power from your source to your battery.

It depends of the use you will do. Example: if will be static, the best option is a lead-acid car battery. There are so many formats and types of batteries because there are so many possible uses.

I'm looking to build something that I can set my bike on to generate electricity, but to store that electricity into a battery instead of using it as I make it. I know their are instructables on here stepping me through the process to pedal for immediate power ( ie pedaling to power a blender), but I want to store that power instead. I suppose I would need several batteries but seems like it's a plausible idea vs buying a gas generator that's loud & costly. Thanks for the help.

Where I wrote "static" I should write "stationary." Sorry, I speak Spanish, not English. I meant that if the weight of the batteries is not an important factor, the best power/cost ratio is the common car battery. In the 1940s my father built and installed at the farm, where we lived, an air generator that charged batteries of 12 volts. That generator served continuously for decades. Until two or three years yet the propeller was kept in the town house.