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What's the best way to wake yourself up? Answered

I want to wake up early (5 or 6) regularly, and even if I sleep fairly early (is before 12 early?) I can't get up til 8 at the earliest. Is the only solution to sleep earlier??? I ask this because there's just not enough hours in the day. What do you guys usually do? Oh, and without having someone give a wake-up call or something. Because no one else is awake at that hour. (And nothing hi-tech. Wouldn't understand it!)


Im using Snoozester.com. and i recommend it !

Never heard of Snoozester before, but I'm definitely going to have to give it a try!

Hi - I just found my new favorite way to wake up early. There is an iPhone app called RoosterAlarm (one word) which crows just before sunrise - softly at first, then after a few minutes it gets louder and more frequent. It's a gentle, natural way to wake up instead of a sudden alarm clock and it's so different that you won't ignore it. Here's a link: itunes.apple.com/us/app/roosteralarm/id468217914

Set your alarm for 1/2 an hour before you want to wake up. Then set your snooze to 15 mins. By waking up twice to hit the snooze, It makes your brain wake up. Also, when you hit the snooze look at the clock and concentrate on it. Looking at detail will also wake your brain up.


7 years ago

throw coffee on your face. punch yourself in the face repeatedly until your awake.

just set your alarm to the time you want to wake up and keep doing that. a few months (or years) later your body/mind (whichever) will wake up automatically. happened to me in a sunday

Change your attitude about sleep.  Youngsters want to stay up as late as they can because it's fun... but you pay the penalty the next morning.  Resist this childish urge to stay up past your proper bedtime.  If you want to get up early, you must go to bed early (ten pm or no later than after ten oclock news) because you need sufficient sleep. otherwise you will feel groggy the next day.  Then put a 24hour timer plugged into a table lamp. Set this light to come on a few minutes before your radio.  A lit-up room helps wake you up better.  If the radio doesnt do the trick, switch it over to the BUZZER option instead of radio.  After 30 years of this habbit, i was able to wake up many months without even using the alarm clock! but i finally reconnected the alarm clock because of the OFF CHANCE i might oversleep and be late for work.  Now the alarm clock is just insurance.

I heard that some tribes of American Indians would drink a lot of water the night before a battle so that they would be woken up nice and early by their own bladders. Its genius idea: you'll have to get up.

Marry a sex fiend who prefers the morning? kids, look away.

The only truly foolproof way that I've found:
  • Get a cat or dog.
  • Using whatever means prove necessary, get up and feed the pet every morning at your desired awakening time.
  • After a week of two, your pet will automatically wake you to be fed at its now-accustomed feeding time. Animals can tell time; and once one has become convinced that 5 AM is Time To Eat, it will do everything in its power to make you get your backside out of bed and feed it.

Note 1: Pull the covers up into place immediately after you have left the bed. Do not let yourself consider getting back into bed even for a moment. Do not even look at the bed any more than you can help.

Note 2: Really, most people do need 8 hours of sleep. If it is not possible for you to get to bed earlier, can you nap at all during the day?
Long term chronic sleep deprivation wreaks sheer havoc on one's health.

Note 3: Never forget those three little words that mean so much: Coffee. Coffee! Coffee!!!

8 years ago

start exercising, go to bed earlier like 10pm. do it regularly and you won't need anything to wake you up your body will just know.

I bought a cheap CD-playing alarm clock and, using bbq tongs, I loaded it with a Coldplay CD. Then I crank the volume and set it to start the album at whatever time I want to get up. I place it on the opposite end of the room so I actually have to leave the bed to shut it off. Nothing wakes me up faster than bolting out of bed to kill the music before the first verse begins and Chris Martin starts turning my brain into cheese. Anyway, to be serious... if you need to regularly wake up 2-3 hours before your usual time... you NEED to start sleeping earlier. 8 hours is recommended for most folks. Get to bed by 9 or 10, and do it every single night. You'll adjust to your new schedule soon enough, and eventually you'll begin doing it naturally. If you do find yourself a bit groggy in the morning, a cold shower and a cup of coffee usually puts me on high alert.

You might need to get used to less hours of sleep. I personally get six regularly, because I have the same schedule that you're describing, I go to sleep at midnight or a bit later, and I'm up again by 6. The guy above me has the right idea, you want an alarm that you have to move to reach, you gotta wakl across the room. If you're good with a computer, you can probably make your alarm be a song played loudly out of your cell phone. My alarm is one of the screamy parts from a Disturbed song; it'll do the trick.

I find that two alarms works perfectly. Ordinarily i have to wake up at 5am for work, and i'll still be awake around 12:30am. I'll feel groggy for half an hour or so after waking up, but it soon goes away. The best trick i've found is to have a radio alarm clock the other side of the room, detuned. Nothing wakes you up better than annoying badly tuned radio and white noise. Then as a backup i have my phone in another corner of the room with an alarm set about 8 minutes later. Basically just a little longer than the snooze on my main alarm in case i hit it. Always make sure you have to get up to switch the alarms off. Never have them next to you. :D