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What's the cheapest place to buy vials of tritium for earrings? Answered

I was sitting on my couch today, thinking about ideas for birthday presents when I had the idea of making tritium earrings.  However, I'm not sure where I should obtain the tritium vials, and what size I should get.  I'm looking to keep a low budget, $25 maximum.  


I have seen glowing, tritium filled, keychain fobs that would maybe be about the right size for earings.


Although, I'm not sure if you want to attach those to your head, because they emit some x-rays too, in addition to visible light. I mean the tritium is emitting beta radiation; i.e. fast moving electrons, so there's the possiblity some of those electrons are making x-rays when they collide with the plastic case. I'm not sure what the total dose rate is though.


Tritium is regulated by the NRC so the actual amount is going to be very small. Plus factor in the time worn on the ears. Although your thyroid is very close to your ears.

If you have a way to measure gamma rays and beta particles, then I wouldn't worry too much unless it was over 4 times the background radiation. And even then that is still a pretty safe level.

Yeah, I kind of figured as much. You're probably getting more radiation next to a CRT monitor since the concept is the same, just getting your electrons from a different place.