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What's the closest thing to these folding binoculars? Answered

 I was watching Fringe, and a guy had this cool pair of binoculars that folded almost flat. It's obviously a prop, but what's the closest thing to these rectangular, flat-folding binoculars?



Best Answer 8 years ago

You can buy them - they are folding opera glasses.

That exact pair is on ebay now.

 Brilliant! I just placed a bid. Thanks.

You're welcome.

(You did see that they only magnify 2½ times?)

 Yeah, that's good enough for me.

They also tend to be moderately low quality, as opera glasses/binocs go. They do work, they're useful if you really need something that fits in a shirt pocket, but don't expect too much from them.

i have a pair of them and wonderin how much they are worth

The ones I bought after asking this were about $10-15, that seems to be what they go for on eBay.