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What's the density of cured Sugru? Answered

Can anyone tell me the density of cured Sugru?  A specific number would be best (in grams per milliliter preferably), but if I can't get that, does it float in water?  (If you don't know what Sugru is, see the Instructables store.)




Best Answer 6 years ago

The density is 1.3g/cm3

That is, a solid piece will sink in water, but only slowly.


6 years ago

I would direct you to the Sugru website where they have the techinical specifications for sugru but the server is currently down. However there community support page is up.  Sugru has a relative density of 1.54 grams per cubic centimetre.

The answer I gave came from the Sugru technical pages.

There seems to be some inconsistency. On their Web page, they quote 1.3 g/cm3. On the PDF technical data sheet it's 1380 kg/m3 (1.38 g/cm3). On their discussion page (cited by ChrysN) the value of 1.54 g/cm3 ("relative density" is a non sequitur here, since the value quoted is absolute).

If you check the page quoted by ChrysN, the formulation was changed, and the density is now lower.

I'd write off the 1.3 / 1.38 issue as sloppy rounding.

Thanks for the link, great info!

Hello you inquisitive bunch.

The correct density of sugru is the value of 1380 kg/m3 (1.38 g/cm3) given on the technical data sheet. The discrepancy on the website is a mistake that we are now amending. Thanks for bringing to our attention.

The value of 1.54 g/cm3 given on the community support page is for a older formulation of sugru. The formula for sugru changed in 2011

Hope this helps.