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Whats the difference between the wiring of ipod headphones and non ipod headphones? Answered

I was trying to make a speaker for an old MP3 player, but the headphones I have wont work...any ideas?



Best Answer 6 years ago

The only difference: iPods have a 3 ch 1/8 in. jack. Most of the time you are just using 2 ch, but there are headphones made specifically for iPods that have built-in controls. They use the third channel as a control channel. You can use 2 ch in iPods, but you can't always use 3 ch headphones in a 2 ch jack. (at least it doesn't sound good.)

headphones = on your ears = very little power = can be driven directly by various players.

speakers = lower impedence = more power = driven at more power by an amplifier.

there is an instructable on how to do it, i just dont understand the difference between the wires on ipod and non-ipod headphones

Should be the same as long as the headphones don't have a microphone/button.


6 years ago

There is no practical difference between iPod earphones and run-of-the-mill MP3 earphones. If it uses a 1/8" mini-plug, they're interchangeable. If they don't work, they are either broken or something is wrong with the MP3 player.

the mp3 player works fine, the wires have no insulator around individual wires... headphones are the only thing I have seen without this. I am unsure what the wires should look like... but if theres no physical difference in the wires then i must be doing something wrong... i will ask the author of the instructable i used.

I got it, i failed to melt the colored insulator from the wires.... im dense some times lol