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What's the difference between these two....? Answered

What's the difference betwen these teo types of LED christmas lights? What effect would the "flat head" versus the "dome" head have?


Ummm just a stab... I sell both these type's and if memory serves me correctly I believe the design of the "flat" head is to create a rim effect of intence concentrated light... To imitate that "sparkle" effect... I believe I have similar one's in my collection and if I recall correctly... The flat heads were bought out, to add a different competitive product to the vastly similar market of bland LeD chirstmas lights... :) Hope that helps a lil'... maybe not...

Well, that helped confirm my post where I retract from what I believe was a mistake (the first one) :-)

te he! I was certainly not dis-agreeing with you, infact I am still to learn the difference between difused and not..... Just my knowledge from a layman's point of view... ;) I still have ALOT to learn...

Well, I thought about it, and my experience with "lens" would first make me think that a concave lens (light inside the diode) would bend the light outward, but the outer convex portion would focus it inward. But, many times they control the density of the outer material, and so the light is actually "diffused" or spread out. over an area. Even though it seems gto go against my first "knee jerk" instinctive reaction. In other words, I am agreeing with you, and you confirmed my "correction" where I retract my original error that I posted. Clear as mud ? ;-)

The "flat head (?)" looks like it has an internal concave lens (bending light outwards) while the domes would focus it more (I think).

so the flat ones would have a wider spread in theory?

I take it back, after thinking about it, it should be the other way around. The Domed ones appear to be "diffused" LED's.....still I have no experience with the flat ones