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What's the easiest way to set up a wired remote power switch for my cable modem that constantly needs to be reset? Answered

I'm tired of reaching back and pulling the cable out. I have never done any of this before but am really interested in learning. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks



Best Answer 8 years ago

Sometimes it's not easy to reach your cable modem. It could be upstairs, while you're using the connection downstairs most of the time!

If you want a remote, the easiest thing to do is hack a $15.00 wireless doorbell.

Open the receiver unit and poke around until you find a signal that changes voltage when you press the button, such as the chime. Use that signal to switch a transistor.

The transistor will be wired up to the cable modem. Either to cut the power completely (use a darlington transistor that can handle the current), or to switch the reset button, if it has one. You may need an additional transistor to change the logic.

You'll need a basic understanding of electronic circuits to do this.

If you want a WIRED remote, then the easiest thing is to cut one of the DC power wires. (NOT the AC cord that plugs into the mains socket!). Then wire it to a switch.

What's the real problem here? You can keep pressing a button, but it'd be better not to.


Heh. I guess that's a pretty good point. I think I just want to learn how to build something, but I've never done anything with any electronics/wiring before.

Your connection keeps dropping-out and the only way to restore is a reset? Could it be the modem it's self? Might the service provider give you a new one if you complain?

Install your button and you'll still have to press it, but why..?


Or -  you can get an extension cord that is actually a remote switch.  The plug and socket stay at the wall socket or power strip and the switch is on the end of the line.  I've got one that's about 8' long that I got at Home depot.

Wall outlet --> Switched power strip in a convenient location --> (Maybe an extension cord if you need one) --> Modem power supply --> Modem

Just switch off the power strip and switch it back on to reset the modem. Be sure not to plug anything else into the strip that will suffer from being turned off.