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What's the easiest way to setup a remote controlled laser wall? Answered

I'm interesting in building a simple green laser grid for the entrance to an upcoming Halloween party.

I considered buying 8-10 green laser pointers and setting them up to some sort of relay switch, but I have no experience with the tools or specifications to do this.

Where should I start? Or is there an easier way?


Correct.  I was referring to the practical aspect of looking directly at a laser beam or even a reflection of off an object.  My wife recently bought me an eye safe uv (purple) laser pointer for by birthday.  She was messing around with it before I got it and she caught a glimpse of a reflection in one eye.  She said is was like staring into the sun.  So a projection on to a wall seems like it is inevitable that people are going to get some retinal exposure.  I’ll bet some people will try it out just to see how bad it really is. Will you be serving alcohol? Any way if you are dead set on using lasers have you seen this web site:


Have fun and good luck.

Here are a few thoughts:
Lasers are not eye safe.  Have you thought about projecting the lasers on to the ceiling with the source being above eye level.  If you must use lasers have you tried shooting a single beam through one or two diffraction  gratings.  I tried that a few years ago and got a grid of red dots.  How about using painters tape to make a grid and then paint a grid using  glow in the dark paint and use a strobe light to keep it charged up or use black lights to keep  the wall glowing.

Depends on the laser. Class 1 and 2 are eyesafe.