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What's the easiest/cheapest way to print/stamp text onto leather? Answered

I keep my smartphone in a book-style leather case and frequently use it to find things out via Wikipedia.

It annoys me that it doesn't have "Don't Panic!" written in big friendly letters on the cover. This needs sorting.

However, I'd like to keep the cost down, otherwise I could have just bought a copy of the Encyclopedia Galactica....

So, how can I best apply the wording to the leather? Can I stamp it? Print it somehow? Would vinyl stickers work?

Keep in mind, this needs to be:

- Cheap
- Visible on smooth black leather
- Durable (I'll be carrying this in my pocket)

If the best/cheapest option is paying someone to do it, I'd still like to hear about that option.

If this is a stupid idea, please also point that out before I waste any more of my life on it.




Best Answer 8 years ago

It's never a stupid idea to customize or personalize your stuff.  Unless it's a body part and you are mentally under 21 or so.

But, I don't think stick on letters will last long.  I would try cleaning an area with alcohol and painting the letters on using your favorite color acrylic artist paint.  It should stick to the cleaned leather well.

You could try the oil paint pens.  They will stick to most surfaces and are easy to use expecially if you have good penmanship or penwomenship as the case may be.


8 years ago

If it is leather then you could brand it. I use florist wire bent into each letter with an offshoot of wire to hold it with (use pliers) heat it up over a flame and GENTLY press to the leather. However, once you've done it, thats it forever. I love your idea, I made an e-reader case for my husband out of thick canvas and used transfer paper to print DONT PANIC on it. He loves it and alot of people compliment him. I've also given my dad a towel with gadgets sewn in: USB, magnifying glass and poppers to make it into a fetching sun hat or bag. :-D Hitchhikers gives such opportunities for instructables! Good Luck and let us know what you end up doing.


8 years ago

Try DIY faux hot stamping with decals if you have the materials (or a friend in possession of same): http://www.sfu.ca/~achanne/projects/hotfoilstamping/


8 years ago

Now, don't get me wrong when I say this, I just want to make sure.

That doesn't look like leather to me, that looks like processed vinyl.

The difference is, if you stuck something onto it via epoxy or strong glue, maybe even just the adhesive from the label you used to print and stick onto your notebook, may rip off the vinyl if you try to take off the label.

If it's not vinyl, then no problem!

As for the leather, the easiest method is still creating a label and putting it on there using glue or any other epoxy.

The cleanest method would be stamping, but that would take much work (Creating stamps and using rubber mallets to engrave them.)

But if I were you, and I wanted to put a label on there, I'd just go buy a label and print something on there, just stick it on. I personally don't think a label on a notebook should be worth too much of my time and efforts.

So sticker: cheapest and fastest
Engraving: expensive but clean and permanent