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Whats the fastest way to make lead acetate? Answered

ive just tried to make lead acetate by putting lead into a mix of lead metal, acetic acid, and hydrogen peroxide, but nothing has happened , the hydrogen peroxide just decomposed by the lead, and then the solution because all frothy and grey.

i understand now that lead dissolves very slowly in acetic acid.

is there a faster way to make lead acetate?Ive been looking online , and nowhere does it say how long it takes to make, aside from one place that says it makes 30g per year! using just lead and vinegar.

also, would electrolysis work? using two lead electrodes?
i managed to make copper acetate of a high concentration (solution turned very deep blue), would the same work with lead? ir would it just make HHO?


too expensive.

i have introduced the new theory of creating lead dioxide electrodes from lead and copper acetate, to amaturepyro forums, and i since i too, know rather little on the actual manufacturing of lead acetate, i wanted to ask here for a more educated explanation that what i got from google.

i also plan on selling it in my website, as lead dioxide electrode kits, along side copper acetate, and so long as i can keep the method of manufacture a secret, i will get allot of buisness from members there, in selling lead acetate.

as said before, ive tried the etching method, and i know that lead + vinegar wont work either.
how fast will concentrated (by freezing and scooping crystals) vinegar react with litharge (made by reacting potassium nitrate will lead in a sealed iron pipe method), to make lead acetate? or will it be slow as well. im kinda looking for anything that will do more than 10 grams per day, short of building a lead pot and boiling massive amounts of vinagar in it.

Too expensive, as in "not free"?
I'm not sure what you're doing, but do you want PbII or PbIV?


i wish to sell lead acetate for slightly less than the site is selling it for. so its useless to me, for resale at the low prices which i want to be famous for.

my site is all about rock bottom prices.
i prefer some business with little reward, than no business with potentially high reward.
also i want PbII, not IV

You won't match the price in real terms.
But if someone else is paying for the materials and energy, I guess you could make money by exploiting that.