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Whats the highest ampage a sony car stereo can take through a 12v dc adapter plugged to the mains? Answered

Im turning my old car stereo into a standalone player for my desk and im trying to find the right dc adapter! I know it has to be a 12v dc adapter but not sure how high the ampage can be before it blows the stereo! It's working fine on a 12v 2A just now but not sure if that will still work with more than 2 speakers and an amp connected! The stereo is a sony cdx-gt100! 12v ?A dc adapter?


You may not need a large power supply, but instead get a large capacitor- 2, 3, 5 or 10 farads is what they usually come in, look at ebay for stereo capacitor - to supply current when the bass hits.

The device will only take as much current as it needs at 12VDC. You might need a bigger supply, as the stereo could overload the 2A one.
here are some product spec's for the unit.
I'm not in the mood for translating audio wattage back into input current, but if you want to have a go start here?


thanks for the swift answer! Ill check it out!