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What's the minimum size (% )of a broken or chipped solar cell I should use in a panel? Answered

Does the size of a piece of a broken solar cell used in a panel matter? If so, what's the rule for the minimum acceptable % of a single cell, to be used in a panel ? Thanks in advance?


As long as you are able to make the electrical connections, there is no "minimum size" for a solar cell. If a small piece doesn't give enough voltage or current, you simply add another piece.

Commercially, you can buy unbroken cells only an eighth of an inch across.

Depends on your patience and soldering skill. As long as the solder doesn't cover the active area and you are willing to do it AGAIN to get more power, any size should work.

In terms of how much you should *pay for? It depends on the price being offered vs that of a comparable cell of the same usable size and your needs. If you expect ~100% of the rating for a given panel size for your design geometry, and you're getting a good deal?? idk...maybe 90-95%, or you'll run into issues of not meeting (or even coming close to) your power/per area criteria...Otherwise, as was said in the other replies, it doesn't matter.