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What's the most eye-catching / attractive Instructable you have ever seen? Answered

Something that really impresses you.


Any 'ible by giannyl  (but my wife doesn't like me watching them, go figure) 
Seriously though-  I can't surf this site long without finding the COOLEST project I've ever seen  (I'm big on DIY) 

Indeed. Practically every time I log on, I get a new favorite 'ible. I love this site. On a related topic: Wow, giannyl is really pretty.

Oh, and happy Midwinter.

I'm rather fond of the LED Pasties Instructable that jessyratfink did. Although to be honest, I'm not sure I can claim that it's only the project that I find interesting.

I'll second that one for visual appealing. that's a tasti pasti.

no wonder yer wif is raving.

Yeah, as if living with me wasn't crazy-making enough just on it's own merits.