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What's the most powerful but easiest k'nex gun to construct? Answered


 go with one of victors slingshots.

SRv2 is better, it has no friction from the barrel.

 I can get more range with other guns and have them reload faster.

How long was the barrel?  What ammo were you using?

 I was using a barrel that was 4 feet long and my ammo had fins.

 That made no sense, but yes I have built and have a Sr-V2 built..

Build it correctly and it should shoot farther.

I'm going with either KillerK's K'nex Pistol or Foresthell12's K'nex pistol V2.
They have a similar mechanism (actualy the same mechanism), but KillerK's gun has a bullet lock, but is single shot.
Foresthell12's has a hopper, and I don't think it is as powerful.

 Make Oblivitus's beast pistol 2.  its really good and really easy to build too

Killerk's pistol is very simple and very powerful, but if you are new, your fingers might hurt from the build.