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What's the name of this type of switch? Answered

what's the name of the type of switch then works by rotating it, and you can keep rotating it on one direction.  Like the kind of switch that controls the volume in a car.  I'm assuming that every click switches between being it conducting and not conducting?  I need to use one with a micro controller (I don't want to use a potentiometer because they can only rotate so much) and I need to know the name so i can buy one.


this switch is also mentioned in some appliances as " JOG DIAL "  (such as mobile phones , media players and dj consoles ) 

Encoder wheel

If you have an old mouse you could disassemble that to get one, the scroll wheel in them uses the switch you describe....

Hmm...if it's a modern radio, then this might be a more likely candidate. In this case, it would likely be acting as a clocking source for an auto-step volume control IC (as I recall, that's a feature alot of digital volume control ICs offer, or did, when I was interested a couple years ago).