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What's the operating voltage for a wii motion plus? Answered

I'm using a wiichuck adapter to interface my arduino with wii motion plus. I've looked around, and some people say it takes 3.3 volts, while others say it's 5 volts. Which is it? I don't want to fry my wmp.


The Wiimote uses only 3V so it only provides 3V to the accessories. If people are getting away with using 5V great but i wouldn't risk it.

But couldn't it use booster circuitry? A TASER uses a small battery but puts out thousands of volts. Why couldn't the wiimote use the same principle?

No. Take a DMM to the connector at the bottom of a Wiimote. Its a 6 pin connector with 3 pins on top and 3 on the bottom. You'll notice 1 pin on either side is longer then the others. The one on top if Negative and the bottom is positive and there is only 3V coming from the connector. I just tested it on one of my Wiimotes.

I got 4.2 volts... but my DMM battery is bad. Can more people test the voltage? If possible, you should measure it in-game with a controller attached to the wiimote.

Most ICs run off either 3 or 5 volts. 4.2 is a rather odd voltage for an IC to work with. Now i've tested all of my Wiimotes with the system running. I have tested them without the motion plus attachment, with the motion plus attachment and my Wiimotes that have the motion plus built in. All of them are putting out about 3V through the connector at the bottom of the remote/motion plus attachment. Depending on the batteries being used and how new they are. Bottom line is your not going to go wrong using 3V. If that doesn't seem to get things going then try 4 and 5 volts.

Okay. Thanks a lot for all the help. Since a AA battery sometimes puts out a bit more than 1.5 volts, could i get away with running on 3.3 volts?