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What's the opposite of a header called? Answered

What's the opposite of a header called (in electronics)? Like if I was searching mouser, what would I call it? A header receptacle? I dunno Basically I want a 2x3 socket thingamadousy for programming AVRs. In my ned project space is a factor and I need the 2x3 instead of 2x5


The little box of plastic that you stick the socket pins into is usually called a connector housing.  You can either find these with pigtail connections or get a crimper and a bunch of pins.  The female connector as a whole, that corresponds to a tenth inch header, would be called a receptacle.


9 years ago

The AVR ISP port connectors (and lots of other stuff like IDE drives, LCD screens etc.) use IDC connectors, 0.100 inch.

I've bought from Jameco, but they don't have anything smaller than 2x5 ( here's one. ) If they make them, I've never found 2x3 in my searches.

Would 1x5 work? I've always used a "custom" ISP cable on my boards. A 1x5 pin header on the PCB, and these socket connectors on the cable. Just snap / cut off as many sockets as you need. Just be very cognizant they can be inserted backwards...

I suppose you could even create your own 2x3 with a pair of 1x3 sockets glued together. Use cardboard as a spacer to adjust the width.

I don't have a photo of my ISP cable at hand, but I used the same sockets / headers for some early accelerometer tests. So my accel board was a "plugin" that could be removed and reused. The image is below, with the accelerometer removed (obviously, it's 6 pin, not 5 pin...and the header pins are right-angle -- but you get the idea.)


well, I got a Jornada 728 and I want to add some features that the hardware doesn't have (like going to standby when closed), so I'm going to use an avr to control it. But, I don't want it to be a pain to reprogram. There's a emptyish area behind an eject button (the button folds out and then you press in, where it folds out from is fairly open on the inside) and there's just enough room for a 2x3 connector. Well, I'll keep looking, I though 2x3 was fairly standard

I bet the Jornada 728 will be fun to play with... Good luck with the search.

. Footer. heehee . Try looking for ribbon cable connectors. These are commonly used with headers.