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What's the prize for having the best answer? Answered

I would be motivated to answer more questions if there was some cool prize.



Best Answer 9 years ago

Aw, c'mon, you guys.... You get all sorts of great stuff for a Best Answer!

  • You get a great big loving-cup-trophy-thingo on your Answer, next the the little note that says Yours Has Been Selected As Best Answer!
  • You get a little running tally on your "You" page that says "Question authors have picked 6 (or however many it is) of your answers as Best Answers."
  • You get the satisfaction of knowing that Yours was The Best Answer.
  • You sometimes get the satisfaction of knowing that that other Answerer whose answer was different than yours was Wrong, All Wrong (bwa-hah-ha-ha).
  • And you get the satisfaction of knowing that somebody out there somewhere actually read your Answer (which is not always something that you get with just any old answer).

Plus you get the Ice Cream Cones that Kelsey mentioned: I'm off to buy myself six of 'em right now. :)

Your answer was a little bit lengthy and I didn't actually READ it at first, but since cdubnbird suggested it was the best answer I went back and read it. But . . . then again maybe I should actually select cdubnbird as the best answer.

Get a hundred and I'll send you a patch (that's about it...)


Whoa, check out the BIG brain on Lemonie :]

To date, your profile page says you've answered 1,722 questions, with 75 of them being the best answers. I would say that qualifies you to having an enlarged cranium.

Ah, I don't see the 1,722, but with less than 1,500 It would seem that frollard is more efficient with these?


you can view your own profile under: you> (on left panel at the bottom) view profile. It appears you are both brainiancs.


Well yes, I can do that. I just don't see it normally. And I'm surprised that I'd posted that many already. Thanks L

I don't know what that means - I think he's implying you have a lot of best answers. mike - I have lots :P It's all representative of hours spent.

What is a patch, lemonie? I was thinking you would send me an iron-on patch with that weird robot looking guy.

No, they're just electric-images I'm afraid... click on the link and you should see one. L

i think Gorfram is deserving of the "Best Answer" award for this question.

An ice cream cone. After you get Best Answer, get up from your computer, go outside, walk to your local ice cream shop, and buy yourself a cone (double scoop chocolate, with extra sprinkles for being so smart).

An Email saying you provided the best answer.

The satisfaction of knowing you helped someone.

Nothing, just the satisfaction of helping someone. CT320