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What's the right dremel bit for a circle jig cutter? I had problems with this. Answered

Hi, i just made a circle jig cutter for my dremel.
I used the included dremel that you can see in the picture below, it basically looks like a drill bit, but it's sharp in the edges, so it can cut to the sides, thing that drill bits cannot do. I tried to cut 3/4 MDF, but it was very hard to do it, I simply had to stop the process after concluding that that's not the right bit for that job. I think I had problems because this bit is for cutting to drywall sheets instead.

What do you think? does anybody know what dremel bit should I use to cut circles through 3/4 MDF? thanks.


Yonatan24 is right, A Dremel rotary tool is not the right tool for 3/4" MDF. If you still want to try with Dremel, then select a suitable bit from their Accessory Guide from this page and do it in steps


I don't know if they have something similar for a smaller dremel.

a saber saw is another option. People also do circle jigs with those.

Depending on how big the diameter of the cuts needs to be, you could consider using a hole saw.

You can remove the pilot bit from the hole saw to avoid the hole in the middle of the cut (depending on whether you need the inside or outside part of the hole).

You can get hole saws in excess of 150mm in diameter, but not sure what the largest you can get is.

A Dremel rotary tool is not the right tool for the job.

This should be done with a router, and probably with many passes, each time a bit deeper.

What issues were you having? Dremel bogged down? Extremely slow? Ruined bearing in the future?

How big is the circle that you're trying to cut? Have you tried using an adjustable hole-saw?