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What's this? Answered

The daily download on instructables, is that a new improvement? Cool...


It started since yesterday, I clicked on it and got the PDF of the Instructables Sweet Potato Fries. I guess that is selects a random Instructables and post it there. every day is another one.

Welding... Soldering... Coincidence? Or is it power tool day?

Ooh... Sewing...

Nah, it's just how tos.

My mind went blank there. ALL instructables are how tos!

... yea...once there was coocking...

And they changed it to food?

Well, it had survey, so it must be a random choice made by the staff...

I think it is just a coincidence...

...to help Instructables survive.

Dunno how that matches with their privacy policy.

It doesn't really ask you very personal questions, just ones that help them target you with ads to keep them going.

But their privacy policy says they'll never share your information with third party advertisers...

They don't, they calculate what ads will attract your attention more and tell the advertisers (at Instructables) that ads like that will attract your attention more.

I've said I like IT and now there's Nvidia GeForce ads and Build Your Own Website in Under 30 Mintues.

Oooooh, look at me, being all fancy! :D I just noticed it a moment ago but you beat me to posting. ;)

Haha! Everybody always seems to beat me at posting, but I finally got a chance!

The survey seems to want to stick around. I wonder what they're using the data for...

Yeah, They are going to use the data to live through the bad economic times, and not die like most other small business are...


9 years ago

If you do today's survey the robot tells you a secret!

If you do the survey any day the robot tells you a secret!


I wonder how the select them...

It's new and scrummy!

I wonder how it's chosen?

it looks a bit like the paper wallet when insts was down