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Whats up with this taxidermy thing? Answered

Okay, I didn't know what it was, until I saw someone use a dead mouse as a computer mouse. I have always liked instructables, but now I feel sick. Is this something you guys seriously promote? God gave us all the animals on earth. But he didn't do it for this reason. Please remove this section, because it is extremely offensive. Now I will be thinking about it for awhile, and remembering it in disgust. Please instructables team if you have a heart, please take this disgusting stuff off your site.


Honestly, I can understand if you were upset cause' they did that to a wolf or dog or some animal like that, but a mouse?

Okay I think the thing I'm trying to get to here, is doing things like this to a house pet. Because some people have chosen to have a mouse as a house pet. I haven't but I have heard some people have. Also yes if it was a dog I would be even more disgusted. I'm just thinking it's not right for Americans or any country that is not third world do this type of stuff. It's just stupid, why use a mouse on a mouse. Doesn't that make anyone else feel sick?

Some people keep cockroaches as pets.

Would that stop you swatting one?

No because they carry diseases. Also who would have a pet cockroach?

Google is your friend.

People have pet sheep, goats, rabbits, guinea pigs, dogs, hamsters, snakes, stick insects, grasshoppers, snails, horses, camels, alligators, chickens, ducks ...

...yet all of these animals turn up on the legitimate menu somewhere in the world.

But when you say cockroach do you mean a house pet?

Yep people keep virtually anything as a pet these days. Across the street there are people who keep little piggies as housepets. They don't seem to bother that we eat bacon though...

" Also who would have a pet cockroach?" someone with a fondness for one of the most biologically advanced/robust insects on the planet perhaps?

and dogs/wolves/cats don't carry disseases? the majority of house cats carry toxoplasmosis which is not exactly a fun thing to get. any animal that's outside can carry fleas, ticks, and many other parasites. should we start squishing them?

trying to make a point about the validity of an activity based on your own arbitrary rules about who the act can or can't be done upon is pretty silly. who gets to decide which animal is worthy of which activity? you either need to be outraged by the treatment of ALL animals, or you can't be outraged by the treatment of one.

I'm just especially mad about wolves cause' their my favorite animal and like four states have dropped bans on hunting them and now their being killed by the hundreds.

"and the one true god, his noodelyness, sent forth his noodely appendange and spoke unto she who was named canida, thou art hereby commanded to taxidermy who you want, when you want, how you want as long as thou doth not doith the killith"

a message from the FSM...just because "your god" has some useless "rule" about what YOU can do with something that's dead doesn't mean everyone else's god has the same rule.

if you want to argue against something because you think it's gross or because you think its cruelty to animals (which, i'd argue it's pretty close to impossible to be cruel to anything that's already dead) then that's fine...but don't start spouting religious crap assuming that everyone else believes the same things you do

You guys never get the point do you?

We certainly do.  Unfortunately, you mixed together a perfectly valid point about your personal opinion with an invalid appeal to authority that is either offensive or irrelevant to a substantial fraction of the world's population.

> God gave us all the animals on earth. But he didn't do it for this reason.   [my emphasis]
.  Please provide reference(s) to where God said this. I've looked through the parts of Genesis that deal with "dominion over animals" and see no prohibition on taxidermy. Or did I use the wrong God?

I'm not saying I know what God thinks about. But it was a harmless animal, a mouse at that. I know people have said people used animals as clothing and food, I respect that. But to use it on a computer mouse? Something they didn't need to do, and it brought them really nothing but a dead mouse on a computer mouse. I'm not truly trying to bring religion into this, but doesn't anyone else cringe at these ibles? I was trying to say I don't think God made animals for our own self pleasure. I think he gave them to us, for us to watch over, because we are at the top. Also I think he gave them to us to help us survive, such as clothing source or a food source. Also I don't really respect when people use animal skin or fur as fashion.

.  Let me guess... you don't wear any leather (shoes, belts, upholstery, &c) and you don't eat any meat or eggs. If either of those is false, aren't you being rather hypocritical?

No I do wear stuff with leather and I don't only eat certain foods, I stay away from fish cause I don't like the taste. If you would have read and understood what I wrote. I was saying for our own self pleasure I feel it is wrong. I wear clothes made from animals cause I need clothes. I eat food from animals, because I need food. I do it because I need to. Not to be fashionable, not just because I can. But I wear and eat things like that because it keeps me alive. Having a mouse with a dead mouse on it, doesn't help you continue living in any way shape or form.

You don't need to wear clothes made from animals -- there are both vegetable fibers (e.g., cotton) as well as synthetics.  You don't need to eat animals to survive -- it is possible to get all of your nutritional requirements, including proteins, purely from vegetables, or from non-destructive animal products (e.g., milk).

I understand and agree with your position about sadism, which was clearly not part of the Instructable under discussion, if you chose to read it rather than just react.  The mouse involved was purchased already dead and frozen from a lab materials supplier.

It doesn't matter how the mouse was obtained. It is still weird. I'm still asking why someone would want to do that.

Fine.  That's not what you wrote.  You "ordered" the I'ble removed from the site based only on your personal feelings about it.

You could have asked that question, and you could have asked it much more politely than you did.

.  Whatever. I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree.

You've got a valid position, which is: animals should not be used for amusement - I agree. But you'd want to take issue with YouTube for those videos of amusing cats...
The other way to look at the mouse (and I do sympathise with it's situation) is that it is dead organic matter - either a pet snake eats it or it is degraded back to the Earth from which it came. Utilising it's dead skin is not a problem in that context. It Is the alive/dead thing that matters and where you draw that line.


But was it alive and did he kill it. Or did it die from natural causes. Also anyway I still find it very odd and just gross you have to have a few missing brain cells to do something like that. Would anyone but that guy seriously make one of those?

1.  The mouse was purchased frozen (and therefore presumably already dead) from a lab materials supplier.

2.  Not a guy.  You should check your facts before making sexist assumptions.

Oh now I'm being sexist against males, guess what. I am a guy. So it's not really sexist unless I was a women.

Kelsey is telling you that the taxidermist is a woman and that you've made an assumption that she was a man based on gender stereotypes. She went to MIT and qualified in Biology (w/ref brain cells).


I got that it was a women. I said guy, you know the way some people talk differently then you. When I say guy I could mean either Man or Women, because I'm not sexist.

I'm not interested in having a go at you, so this is just for your general information - you missed the "s" off the word "she" twice, so it actually reads as "he".


.  Hypoxia is dangerous and can be fatal.


So our ancestors are all disgusting vile people?

From the beginning of humanity people have used everything of the animal they could: bones , skin , meat everything. I can't see how you find this disgusting. And some tribes in Africa still do. They are the ultimate DIY, they make weapons and tools out of the animals they hunted for food. It's recycling and DIY all in to one.

Ofcourse it isn't something I would like to use myself but in spirit of our rich heritage I can give it a place.

Also this ible isn't offensive or anything. It doesn't promote animal cruelty it doesn't tell you to go mouse hunting in search of their skulls. So I see no reason to pull this ible of instructables.

I understand that people in Africa make things out of animals. I'm fine with that, I understand that and I respect that issue. They need it, because it helps them survive. This is a big difference between the two. Unless people here are to brain dead to see the difference, stop coming up with things saying third world countries do it. Because they do it to survive, this guy is just a psycho or something and I have no clue why he did it.

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Instructables member Canida. She is part of the Instructables staff.  I do not know if she is just a psycho or something else.  I guess you shouldn't take a look at her other taxidermy instructables.

.  OK. Let's assume for the moment that you are right and Mouse Mouse is an affront to the sensibilities of all reasonable humans.
.  Now take a look at the author of the Mouse Mouse iBle. In case you can't figure it out, canida is the Community and Marketing Director at Instructables and wife of Instructable's CEO. I have a hard time believing Robot will find Mouse Mouse to be very disgusting. Learn to pick your battles.

In my opinion taxidermy itself is needed in this world for educational purposes. If some animal in a zoo from some nearly extinct species dies then it is really OK to stuff its corpse. And before someone is going to stuff our last specimen of tigers or anyone big and rare, he/she before needs to practice - on mice for example.

But this specific mouse who ended up becoming a computer mouse in that instructable was bought from kind of factory which grows them for killing. This mouse was bought with intention to make a vain gadget out of it. Not to feed any pet snake, but to make gadget. If it would been found already dead from nature I would not say anything.

You have to feed your snake or cat, but you do not need to make gadgets out of factory grown animals. You do not need a sofa of calf leather or things made of ivory or mink fur coat or mouseskin computer mouse. The violence against animals should be decreased step by step and most logical start would be to quit slaughtering those which you are not going to eat. This should be normal for rich and developed world at least.

I think it is ok to wear swine leather as long as there are so many people who do not give up eating their meat. But as soon as the demand for meat decreases we should decrease our demand for that leather also accordingly.

Abstract of my thoughts: This mouse was not "already dead" it was slaughtered in a factory/farm of mice which depends on the buying demand of frozen mice. It's OK to do taxidermy on mice found already dead from nature and it's OK to feed your pets with slaughtered mice but it's NOT OK to buy slaughtered mice just for funny gadgets.

Thank you, finally someone understands and feels almost exactly the same way I do. That was the point I was trying to get to.

This is the last I have to say about it because we'll probably have to agree to disagree and I respect your opinion.

But this is the internet my friend. Alot of stuff is on here. And some stuff you won't like and other stuff I won't like. For example I don't like the whole religion stuff and that's fine. It's my opinion and everybody should respect that just like I respect your opinion. I may not agree with you but I respect your opinion. So what I do is simply not going on any religious sites because I'll never understand why people do that.

I think you should do the same... You don't like the whole using real mouse stuff okay that's fine but nobody forces you to look at it. So just don't click on it!

And you don't have the right to make the site remove this ible. It doesn't hurt anyone and some people may find it offensive but than goes with half the internet.

There are worse things out there thee somebody who used an already dead mouse for a project. Like people killing gorillas for fun or stuff like that. now that is horrible!

Instructables is a highly diverse community and it just so happens that some members like DIY taxidermy, you may find it disgusting but it's also a fascinating craft to many.

Besides, it's no worse than a fur coat, or for that matter eating meat. It's just making use of a bit of an animal in another way.  Admittedly I'd never have a mouse mouse because I imagine it would get all sweaty and nasty after some time being a computer mouse but I still think it's an excellent piece of work... 

If you don't like it, fine, don't look.

If you're that bothered, there's a greasemonkey script that could be tweaked to remove all references to taxidermy from your view of the site.

But, please, don't use your religion to try and censor this site.

That's years old, and it was something Instructables did rather than are promoting.
I don't remember God giving instruction to the effect of "thou shalt not stuff the skins of livestock, creatures that move along the ground or wild animals."?


It is not disgusting at all. If you don't like it, don't look. The animals are dead, what is stuffing them and re-using them going to do that is bad? I don't see what the fuss is about. A mouse-mouse is brilliant, comfortable and actually environmentally friendly. We only have so much plastic, yet re-using the animal tissue is brilliant. How is it at all offensive?