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What's with not being able to search for people or comments? Answered

Why did the admins remove that feature? Not so  bothered about comments, but I used the search for people tool a fair bit, so I could send a PM, comment on orangeboards etc.
Why was it removed from the search filter options?


For finding a member, type this "https://www.instructables.com/member/" plus the member's name at the end (e.g., mine is "https://www.instructables.com/member/AngryRedhead").  If you want to find a comment, try Google with the phrase + Instructables.com (example).

Yeah, I guess. I suppose I wanted an admin to gve a reason...

bottom line is that rarely if ever happens.

I'm going to guess it's because of bandwidth issues and how searches eat it up, cost money, and slow down sites.  There are lots of sites which offer limited search possibilities or none at all.

hi is it no possible to search the comments for a specific instructable page? or at least a way to view all comments on a single page for searching, rather than have to view 40 at a time and keep moving to the next page?

If comments were searchable, it would most likely reduce redundant questions!


Yes, I agree. I too used it quite often. My only guess would be privacy reasons, if that makes any sense whatsoever.

My guess is it's a bug; lot of them lately.

yeah, I have that too while I could do that a few weeks ago