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Whats wrong with my mid-cap airsoft magazine? Answered

I have had some airsoft mid cap magazines and haven't used them in a while, and when i went to use them they wouldn't keep feeding to the top. Some would go in but after about 5 it would stick inside the mag, any help.


Have you tried cleaning the internal components? Oil and other lubricants will often get gummy with age, particularly if they are just setting with no use. When my mags get where they won't cycle correctly, I clean them thoroughly with a solvent to remove all the gunk. I often use carburetor cleaner or break cleaner to cut the old oil, carbon, and dirt. These solvents are very flammable and caustic. Use them in a well ventilated area and wear gloves and safety glasses. Also, if your mags are made of plastic (an I assume they are) you should probably use a small amount of fluid in a inconspicuous area to test the potential of damage to the plastic. Some solvents will melt plastic like hot butter. After you have cleaned them with the solvents they will need to be re-lubricated with a light oil or maybe even graphite.

You might try cleaning and lubricating them.

Ya i tried silicon spray no luck and i cant take them apart no screws they are glued

Unfortunately, you just might be out of luck and will have to replace them. Sorry I couldn't help.