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What's wrong with the edges? ? Answered

great class! Loving it! I have 2 questions. Both can be referred to by the picture I posted. 1) I started this using continental just you practice. But I don't understand how the last purl of each row would yield a double loop. So the first sturdy of tge next row I have to start putting my needless through two loops. This problem disappeared when I switched toEnglish method, which is more my method I found (my useless left hand can't do so much! Haha). The second question... how come the edges are so uneven?? See picture for reference! I went through the next section of how to fix mistakes, but don't see this as a problem addressed.



Best Answer 9 months ago

It sounds like you're not fully completing the last stitch in continental method, but to be sure I'd have to see a closer pic of the last few stitches on the needle as they appear when you finish a row.
The unevenness along the left edge looks like you might have accidentally decreased by a stitch in one row, are you able to count the stitches and see if there is a discrepancy just in that one "waist" row?

Glad you are enjoying the class and happy to discuss further/help out more!