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What's your Science Fair project? Answered

So, this is how our science fair project for the elementary school science fair turned out. Everyone should be encouraged at a young age to have an interest in science. As they say, "If you ain't having fun in science(or any other subject), you ain't!" This was crafted from paper mache(monocoque nose shell over a cardboard superstructure), laminated cardboard eyeglass frame, and homemade science fair display board.

We thought about everyone wanting to touch the display so we put black yarn in the open nostrils below to simulate nose hair if someone decided to pick this nose. We couldn't add slime. Gross-out factor is high in the fun quotient. Remember, you can pick your friends; you can pick your nose; but you can't pick your friend's nose...

It would be great if we could see what everyone else worked on. Of course we need ideas to top this one for next year's project!

Edit 5/20/08
Yay! Caitlin was co-winner for first place in the Fourth Grade Science Fair at school. The other girl won for testing to see if different strengths of Listerine actually helped kill germs in the mouth by doing swabs and cultures. Congrats to the young ones.


Tell her congrats for me! You should have used petroleum jelly inside the nose for boogers. In middle school, I did two: 1. The shape of wind...I tested the most efficient turbine wing shapes. (inverted triangle won) 2. I forget the name, but we tested out different materials for sound proofing. Wood did the best.

Did you make a smoke tunnel to see it break wind or was that where the soundproofing idea came from? Next year I think she wants to do a giant ear. Maybe we can incorporate that oobleck for earwax. Yeeesh.

Nah, I ordered plans for a turbine off the internet, and then just measured the amount of electricity produced for each blade.

Nice job, and as I said before looks great. You guys deserve first.

FTW! Now I have to build a trophy case...

Congrats! Make sure you design the case large enough... ;-)

I took my ap test for Biology today. Does that count? (yes, robot came along too)

No. Just me and robot. It was easier than I thought. I'll get the results in 3 weeks. We'll see then

I once made a volcano that instead of erupting it blew "ash" which was actually baking powder into the air. It was made out of plaster and wire mesh stuff and there was a fan inside of it. I don't know where it went to otherwise I'd post a picture.

Volcanoes would be cool if you built it with a subwoofer to get that surround sound rumbling...and some LEDs to give it that glow...

. Excellent job! The black yarn was a great touch.