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What is your beer like? Answered

In the 1970's beer in the UK started turning bad. Fed-up the increasingly poor quality of beer that was too fizzy, had no character and no taste - some guys formed what was to become CAMRA.

Largely due to CAMRA's efforts there are now a lot of independent breweries and several pubs selling their beers in my local area. I can get a good choice in several pubs in the town and village, last night I was at a small beer-festival - they had 63 beers on the list.
This guy has a lot of information on the beer near me.

In addition to 'real ale' a lot of these pubs have a wide range of bottled-beers such as European lagers. Then there are some bars that stick mainly to these imported beers.

(You can drink fizzy tasteless stuff in plenty of bars of course)

So what is the booze like where you are?


I'm not a drinker, but I'll take a stab at being part of the conversation. Where I'm from, beer is actually quite popular. Not just the "let's go to the convenience store and get someone to buy alcohol for us and then go driving to a lake and catch a beaver" type of beer drinking. We have many microbreweries around town, each one having a distinct style. It could be that the place I'm from is kinda famous for their hops (as featured in picture two on your display). Actually, Dirty Jobs came into town, and shot an episode about harvesting hops. (do I sound involved?)

Washington eh? I didn't know hops were grown around there. Having many breweries around town sounds a bit like here - I guess the city can support several. Thanks L

(ends conversation, still thinking that beer tastes like whale urine)

Whale urine isn't that bad. It does have an interesting after taste. It fills your nostrils with apple-ey goodness.

too many beers taste like liquefied moldy bread to me (yes, I have had to eat soggy moldy bread already :-p )

Ah, but have you ever drunk cheesy-tea? L

Can't say that I have, do you have a recipe or is it something you must buy?

It can happen to a person (accidentally) if they're not a milk-sniffer... L

Ok, you got me there....I am totally lost with those particular phrases :-)

Sour milk - added to tea = nasty drink. Sniff milk before using and you can detect the sour stuff.


Ah, ok. Sometimes though, milk sniffing can be deceiving.....my wife told me a half gallon container was bad once, and I tasted it and it was fine.....but the milk around that rim of the mouth of the bottle had gone bad. But yeah, I know what you mean now...thanks for your patience

Cascade, Columbia, and Willamette hops (okay, the last are technically from Oregon).

Thanks, those aren't familiar to me, but I don't find that surprising I suppose. L

Louisville is great when it comes to beer. We have a lot of local breweries, and lots of fancy grocery stores where you can buy every type of gourmet beer ever. I don't care for it, but I have a ton of friends that are beer snobs. :) Sometimes I wish I enjoyed alcohol more or wasn't absolutely terrified of being an alcoholic. I feel like I'm missing a lot of good foodie experiences!

Well I dunno about beer, but I like my mint metheglin home brew (AKA Rocket's Patent Moon Fuel) sweet and frothy. The moonshine I've had punches a quick equivalent to nitroglycerin.... I would have never believed such a small quantity of liquid could do so much...

It gives you a terrible headache then? L

But when I do it right, the mead i turn out is some jolly good stuff...

Never made mead - doesn't it take a while? L

Mmm, I might have a go one day, what does it taste like?


Thanks, I will (but "sweet" is putting me off actually doing this) L

At made it at first by accident (left mint tea with honey in fridge to long). After I figured out what it was, I looked online and whipped up some regular stuff. Not the best. I refined it to mint vanilla, which i think tastes really good. Something like cream soda and mint tea in a car wreck with a dash of moonshine...

Any chance of an Instructable next time? L

I was going to do one on "easy cider", but it's taken that long to get going (and it's still sluggish) I can't justify "easy" and I've stopped documenting it. Maybe if I bought a new tub of yeast... L

I've always bypassed brewer's yeast, too conspicuous...

Well best before Aug06 and Nov07 - I should probably get something fresher. What do you use? L

Most tutorials recommend using brewer's yeast. I pride myself in being ancient of recipe. I make 1 liter in 2 liter soda bottles (room to grow), using wine corks as stoppers. 2 cups of raw organic honey (teeming with microorganisms) to 4 cups of water (I think that anyway...) I brew up some mint tea from fresh peppermint and throw in some vanilla bean for good measure. Never let it boil or get very hot, we wish to nurture the bacteria not kill it... Dump it all into the soda bottle, mint included. Let sit under your shed for a month (or do it by moon cycles to be properly pagan), strain out all the junk, add a pinch of baker's yeast if desired (some times it helps, sometimes it ruins), Let sit another month (or moon cycle). Get a hammock and place it out under the stars with some good company. Crack it open under the light of the full moon and have some proper moon juice...

Nurture yeast, kill 'bacteria surely?



Summat like that, supposedly their is natural yeast in the honey, and one can assume what kills bacteria kills yeast, which is why its a bad idea to give this beverage to small children as they have no immunity to botulism.

Do you have immunity to Botulism?!


Hahahahaha. Luke, you're going to kill yourself...

It's kind of obvious when you've done it wrong (smells foul and nasty)

As a matter of fact, I'm "squatting" on the url ibles.com/how to make mead, I intend to make an ible eventually

It's personal taste - I drink bitter beers, and black coffee with no sugar in it. If you like sugar in your tea or coffee you'll probably like mead.

No, like you. Still, I got the impression that it was possible to make dry(er) mead from there. My dad likes his sugar in drinks though, and lots of it... L

Maybe it's worth a go just for a try. You could always give it to your dad to drink.

Well, the first blur it was alright. The following blurs were like being tied up in a locked cage with two angry ex's who are not tied up...
methinks there was gasoline or anitifreeze in there..

Although the other locals don't seem to mind it, the beer in my area if mainly on the watered down side (light, very light, and extra light). For awhile, I preferred Guinness stout over beer, but what is now being imported is not a whole lot better.

The only thing of any real worth locally that I can think of is Killian's Irish Red though I don't drink very much really (not even what is recommended for good health).

Oo-er Killian's is AB-Inbev not available in the UK as far as I know.

Is the Guinness available as "cold" and "extra cold" (i.e. tasteless and even more tasteless)?


I don't know, that last time I had any, a few years ago, my friend (whose daughter was having a shower through for her), had bought the 12 or 16 oz bottles, that had the fizzer thing in the bottom (released the carbonation when the bottle was opened), and it just wasn't the same at all (as compared to what I had when I was about 20. Pour that into a glass and you couldn't see through it. But you sure could taste it then.).

Yes my friend likes "Guinness original" - brown & fizzy in bottles. I think Guinness may have been the first to introduce the in-can heading-device(?) it was quite a novelty at the time (for my dad - a light drinker) I was too young. But someone decided that through heavy advertising and making the stuff colder they could shift even more of it. I lump Guinness in with things like wife-beater as "products".

Ginger and lemon beer - who would dare launch that? The answer is a small independent brewer who is being imaginative with taste. There are a lot near me, and I appreciate the choice.


I get a product I like called Jamaican Ginger Beer (but it is non-alcoholic), but it packs a punch; cayenne along with the REAL ginger juice, makes it a belly warmer as well :-)

Oh yes, tasty! That's probably the only sweet & fizzy stuff I drink - is it Desnoes & Geddes?


Finally got the "wife-beater" page to load - interesting quotes:

Meanwhile, one drinker said he was convinced the drink sent "mental messages round my brain".

And where is it made today? "It's all made in Leuven," explained a spokesman. All of it? "Yes, except for the stuff we drink in this country, and that's made in Wales."

No, the kind our local grocer carries is one of two. My wife likes the one from Wegman's i.e. Reed's

as for me, the other brand is the one I like, the Goya brand with the real capsicum in the brew. :-)