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Whats your fave black ops gun on multiplayer Answered

whats your fave gun


psg1 suppresor + cz75 suppressor
ghost pro + SoH pro + hacker pro

Sniping with suppressor > Camping. I don't sit in a corner with an assault rifle. But I can actually snipe pretty decent. (hence the suppressor, I like giving myself a challenge with it. As you don't get 1 shot kills as quickly)

I was joking, I also use a similar method to play COD, I just put le L86A2 with suppressor and I run around the map.


AK-47 with double magazine and suppressor.
AK-74U with red dot sight and double magazine

But the best weapon is...........................


Commando and the ak 47

btw, i play it on wii, so i think sniping is al lot easier on it. feels more accurate to me

well, i'm not a "noob" who only use a sniper to noscope and acog-ing. So i'm gonna sit somewhere and snipe, i don't camp to long. And on jungle, i countersnipe people on the ridge of doom from the ruïnes on the other side of the map.

Also, why do you feel dirty whit ghost?

FN Fal on hardcore. 1 shot 1 kill. I just PWN'd you guys.

ak 47 u silenced acog or red dot site