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What's your favorite Smoothie Recipe? Answered

Just posted a new video Instructable - Make a Solar Smoothie - and was wondering if anyone has a favorite smoothie recipe they'd like to share.

What's your favorite smoothie recipe? What makes it different or 'gives it kick'?

Looking for ideas for next solar smoothie video - and also for our farmer market stand. Thanks!


i used to make ones for breakfast, a huge handfull of spinach, carrots occasionally, apple or orange juice, a banana, sometimes berries, and yogurt

My favorite is raw and leafy greens for smoothies, I use spinach and bananas.


5 years ago

My favorite is a watermelon smoothie! Not exactly traditional, but I love watermelon so think it's amazing. :)

Ooo, your comment made the forum background turn a watermelon color. Is that part of the changes too?

Banana, oatmeal,  vanilla soy milk and chocolate syrup make a great smoothie.  I've never like hot oatmeal, but I love it in a smoothie!

Here's a link to the Smoothie Contest from a couple years ago.  A lot of recipes were entered.