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What's your favorite game character of all time? Answered

Tell us what your favorite video game character is. Any console, any game, anything goes...


 Either Mario, Crash Bandicoot, or Sonic.

 All great characters... Not many people seem to like the more obscure ones as much though...

Fox McCloud Is From Star Fox P.S. He Is My Favorite Too.

Er.....................Yoshi in Mario Cart (Ds)

Master Chief

( And you have to give credit to the one man who is looking at all of you right now, Chuck Norris


7 years ago

just like the guy that posted this i like fire emblem games my fav is gilliam

I really liked the Fire emblem games. Mainly Roy and hector and lyn

I would have to say Guybrush Threepwood or Luigi…

My personal favorite character is Crash Bandicoot. I know he's kinda old, but that's what makes him a classic video game character.

i only liked the naughty dog games. my favorite characters are ratchet and clank

DUDE! Ratchet and Clank ROCKS!! its in my top 10 fav games and my top 10 fav characters! Ratchet and Clank and Jak and Daxter are the only gun games i could ever get into, mostly because their not blood and gore, or first person, i tried halo at my cusins house once i got so irritated cuz i didnt know wen someone wuz beind me and i got shot over and over.....and over and over...................and over, me no kills, everyone else, 20, each

 Idk, as much as like Ratchet and Clank, Jak and Daxter, and other Naughty Dog games, I still like a good FPS. In fact, this last Christmas I got an Xbox 360 and Modern Warfare 2, and I have to say, on Xbox LIVE it is one of the best console FPS's I've ever played. Of course it does take time to get used to the controls, and the fact that some people are a lot better than you, but it's all worth it.

i dont really like first person shooters mostly because u never really kno when someone will get yo from behind, i kept losing when i playd Halo3 with my cousins once, but i do think it wud be cool to tape a camera to my head, get a toy gun and take a video that looks like a first person shooter

 Yeah, that is the worst part. Idk how many times someone has snuck up and knifed me in the back in MW2... But that would be pretty funny to do that with the camera. Lol.

yeah, until the neighbors thought i was shooting my brother when he fals on the ground acting like hes dead :D

Oh and I forgot to mention genesis era sonic (sonic CD FTW!!!)  And my all-time favorite, solid snake.


7 years ago

the holy trilogy of games
1. Ratchet and Clank
2. Jak and Daxter
3. Sly Cooper

Just guess what my favorite character is I dare you!!!!

Ummmm........Barney? you know, the security guard(i said that 4 the half-life noobs out there)

id have to say Cloud Strife is my fav character, hes got spikey hair and a giant kitchen knife, what more could a gamer ask for!?!


 I might have been able to figure that one out, considering your name is FFVIIBOY... Lol.

lol yeah, although i do like Zack Fair from Crisis Core too so im actually not sure who i like more

I like Crash Bandicoot too. I used to have a stuffed one of him. No Idea what I did with it. I also like sonic.