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What's your favorite single shot? Answered

Which one do you like best? I like the one pictured below. Just a singled BR. Nice and simple. Good size for me too.


i like the logic bow, or the ultra pistol, or, or, or......

I tried the ultra pistol, it was SO FLIMZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

how do you make the words different in your link?

Well, first of all, you ask things like that in a relevant place. But I'll tell you this time, because I'm feeling nice today.

You type out a word or sentence or phrase or something that you want to be clickable. Then you highlight that word, and click the "hyperlink" button up there above where you're typing. You then type in the actual adress (For example: https://www.instructables.com/community/Whats-your-favorite-single-shot/) in the correct space. Hit "ok", and you're done!

P.s. Don't try it here. That's what your orangeboard is for.

thank you! and i do ask a lot of weird questions, eh?

What's not needed? Giving you a link?

That doesn't mean I need the link.

What if you did need the link? He didn't know.

It should have been obvious from the fact that I commented on it.

Oh, you're saying that v2 is better...

Whoops. Sorry!

try the ultra pistol 2. it fixes all the problems the first one had

That's the one I meant. It's the flimsiest single shot I've ever built.

hmmmm, did you put the bars and grey connectors in between the handle and trigger? Well, i don't know, it was not flimzy for me......

fssg,the logic bow,mr doomsday


8 years ago

Logic Boy, I already know what you're gonna say. =P

dammit I only saw this comment after posting my other one. but there are alot of other ones that I still like, the two I said earlier are my favorites

its a ties between singled L Bow and FSSG

I don't care for single shots in general but if I had to choose it would just be using a modified version of my OodAst3 pistol silent style.

I like Mr. Doomsday. Yes I will be posting soon. Prolly today.

i like the omen xr

Go rub the fact that you made my gun rifled in NYPA's face lol.  =P

OMEN XR or nothin mofo.  =P


8 years ago

I like the Wrecktangle.